Tetracycline is a medication specifically meant for the treatment of patients whose immune system is unable to battle off the bacterial infection, specifically in instances when the person has infection that induces stomach lesions, respiratory system infections, infection of genital and urinary systems, Lyme illness, acne breakouts, infections of skin, and a few other conditions. Kids more youthful than eight must never be provided this medication, as it could cause permanent discoloration of their teeth later in life. It's best if you get in touch with your medical carrier in innovation if you are going to give tetracycline to your youngster. Tetracycline could create both moderate and more serious negative side effects, and relying on their extent you will certainly need to either record them to your healthcare carrier or overlook them and hold on with the therapy. The following negative side effects are thought about to be mild and do not have to be stated to your health and wellness care supplier: redness of the skin, modifications in skin color, upset belly, irritating of the rectum or vagina, diarrhea, and wound mouth. More serious negative effects feature loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, severe frustration, beclouded vision, jaundice, difficulty breathing, upset tummy, hives, dark-colored urine, irritating, skin rash, puking, temperature or coldness, and should be reported promptly.